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Feel and look like the best version of yourself

Unlock and embrace your radiant beauty through natural, non-invasive beauty osteo-correction techniques for the face and body

Feel Younger

Experience an increased range of motion, more energy, and a feeling of weightlessness 

Look Younger

Eliminate the causes of age-related changes, not just the consequences (wrinkles, double chin, etc.)


A combination of seeing your progress and feeling the effects of our treatments will leave you with a confident glow

Beauty begins in the body...

Looking for a more beautiful appearance is natural, yet addressing the body's needs comes first. Through targeted attention to your specific areas of concern, we alleviate tension and sculpt your body, laying the foundation for your dream look.

  • lymphatic drainage

  • posture correction

  • muscle relaxation

...and ends in the face!

Your ideal look can be achieved! Our aesthetic osteo-correction techniques are able to provide you with noticeable improvements through consistent treatments.

  • balanced facial muscles

  • more vibrant skin

  • pronounced facial contours

What people are saying

(8+ reviews)


The results after one treatment are noticeable, and after a number of treatments are actually incredible. I highly recommend the myo-facial facelifting massage if you have headaches, tight facial muscles, or water retention around the eyes or under the jawline.


I drove from Calgary to Edmonton specifically for these treatments after following Angelica on IG for 3 years, and she did not disappoint! After only one session of body and face, I noticed significant improvements and felt so much better, all while pain in certain areas has subsided. I'm looking forward to my next session with you very soon!!!


After a couple of sessions I can definitely say that my balance has improved, my posture is much better and my muscles don’t feel as tight anymore

Ready to take your natural beauty to the next level?


  • When will I see results?
    Visible changes are often noticeable after just one session, and further improvements occur within 8-10 treatments. To maintain and enhance these results, attending maintenance sessions every 3-4 weeks is recommended.
  • What makes this different from a regular massage?
    The comprehensive and proactive nature of Natural Rejuvenation Treatment, particularly in its focus on aesthetic aspects, regeneration initiation, and energy balance. This sets it apart from the more general and diverse goals associated with regular massage therapy. Individuals seeking such specific outcomes may find the holistic approach of Natural Rejuvenation Treatment to be a tailored and targeted option. As always, consulting with qualified practitioners or professionals in the field is recommended to understand the specifics of any treatment.
  • Will I be in pain during or after?
    Treatments are usually relaxing, but you might feel a bit sore in specific areas, which could point to issues in your face and body. The pain level can be adjusted by using less pressure, and it usually fades as the treatment goes on.
  • Is this a whole body treatment or just the face?
    Our treatments include either face or body, but these two are interconnected. Although it seems more attractive to focus on the face at first, it is important to correct the imbalances in the bones, muscles, and fascia in the body. During your first visit, we will go through and address your concerns and decide which area we should focus on first.
  • What are your hours and location?
    10-5 on weekdays and 10-1:30 on Saturdays. Please contact me if you need to schedule outside of these hours. Location is in South West of Edmonton, Alberta. 2019 118 Street SW
  • Do you accept health insurance?
    Natural Rejuvenation treatment falls under the category of aesthetics rather than medical services, and should not be considered a substitute for medical treatment. However, some of my clients were able to get a coverage under "osteopathic correction treatment". No direct billing available.
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